David Colgan | Endurance Coach

 Triatlhon, Running & Cycling

Mohammad AlQassimi (from UAE)

David has been more than a Coach for me. We had been working closely for the last couple of months to excel my performance and completing my main target Ironman Dubai, and a couple of races along the way.

Proper evaluation of my potential at the beginning, helped in putting be on the right plan and pushing me to beyond my limits. His advices during training and pre racing were very beneficial. I am happy with my final result and would highly recommend him.

Mohammad AlQassimi


edoardo ponte flow the distance
I had just completed my first marathon when I met David. With his coaching, his ability to listen and to adapt the training strategy to my potential and my lifestyle, I’ve been able to constantly and quickly push technique and speed to the next level. I highly recommend David!
Edoardo Ponte

Long distance runner, Milan ITALY

Agostino Buono, Flow the Distance

David is not only the coach that gives you workouts to execute but is the person that follows you every step of the way, from running gait, to bike fit and just listens to your bad days in the pool. I highly recommend David as a coach!

Agostino Buono

Texas, USA

carsten muthel flow the distance triathlete

David is very dedicated and brilliant to adjust the training within the different periods. He is using the social media very good for motivation as well.  Of course the most important thing is, that he gets me in perfect condition to the Ironman. To have him “beside” me on this  journey, is my best priority.

Carsten Muthel

Long distance triathlete, DENMARK


My method

Diversify the workout

Triathlon is a combination of different type of workouts during the week with a different range of volumes and intensities, in the right proportion to be balanced with a full-time job and a family routine.

80/20 approach

For my experience, the best results are achieved when low intensity accounts approx. 80 percent of the total training time and moderate and high intensity together account for the remaining 20 percent. This I’ve found to be the best but has to be specifically tailored putting into account the personal daily life stresses, which differs from one to another.

Endurance sports focused

Another key factor of low intensity is that it’s boosting our ability to use fat as fuel, giving athletes a bigger fuel tank to draw upon during races, going faster and farther without hitting the wall. This is very important in longer triathlons, and low intensity workouts do the best to empower this capacity.